Eclipse 2017 Totality Line Riverton Wyoming

Marbles, Matt, and Dennis

Marbles and Matt came up from Arizona to our place in Pueblo West Colorado and then we headed northwest towards Riverton Wyoming.

Denver was a parking lot all the way to Cheyenne Wyoming so we bailed from I-25 and took the scenic route through the Rocky Mountains.

We drove approxitmatley 960 miles round trip in 23 hours from Pueblo West Colorado to Riverton Wyoming. At times the traffic coming back home was just one long parking lot and DUI check point getting out of Wyoming.

Thanks to Bobette, Mary, and Maggie for putting up with us coming home at 2:30AM.

We have posted a few images that we captured showing the corona, diamond ring, and surface features of the moon. Look for craters along the moon's edge. During totality there was a 360 degree sunset ring all round us. Notice how the background sky darkens and the sunset ring appears during the totality photographs.

The 360 degree sunset along with the eclipse and stars was something you really had to see in person. It was like being on another planet. Don't miss the next one!

Location Photographs & Google Maps Link

Click on | Google Maps | to stand at our eclipse location.