Grumman Levitating Trains

In downtown Pueblo Colorado next to the old power buildings, are two old experimental levitating trains. They were part of an elevated train experiment years ago. The trains were not cost effective and are now a roadside attraction.

Train 1 Front View

Train 1 does not have a front windshield for the operator. A camera mounted on the side was used to see where you were going.

That blade sticking out in front, that is part of the track and is what guides the train along while slightly elevated off the ground.

Train 1 Long View

Here's a look down the side of the train. I'd say it looks like a passenger type of train based on the side windows.

Train 1 Rear View

Looking at the rear of the train you can see the words AREOTRAIN and a chicken coop in the exhaust port.

Train 2 Side View

Grumman appears to be involved in train number 2. It looks like a pulling tractor or some top secret military train experiment.

Train 2 Front View

Leave it to Grumman, an aerospace company, to use jet engines for propulsion.

Click on | Google Maps | to see the trains.